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Judy Joy Jones Show with Maya Angelou; Beloved poet & Best-Selling Author!

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Dr. Maya Angelou; Beloved poet & Best-Selling Author!


Hailed as a remarkable Renaissance woman, beloved poet and best-selling author, Dr. Angelou has the unique ability to captivate listeners through the vigor and sheer beauty of her lyrics and words. A world renowned educator, critically acclaimed actress, playwright, producer and director & leading civil rights activist,

Dr. Angelou shares her legendary wisdom to help listeners find their true voices. Taking on issues spanning race, sex, age & religion, Dr. Angelou's extraordinary insight continually challenges and inspires listeners. One of the most influential voices in contemporary literature, she has authored countless best-selling books, including her autobiography, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings". Dr. Angelou has written, & starred in productions for film & television.

She received an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 'Roots' in 1977. In 1993, Dr. Angelou became the second poet in United States history to have the honor of writing and reciting original work at the Presidential Inauguration.

Christina Blodgett, Director of Customer Relations for Blogtalkradio is our Special Co-host.



Judy Joy Jones Show with Ms. Gloria Allred; Most Well-Known Female Attorney on Earth!

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Ms. Gloria Allred on The Judy Joy Jones Show


Attorney Gloria Allred's cases include; OJ Simpson; Michael Jackson; Heather Mills divorce from Paul McCartney, Robert Blake, Hunter Tylo; actress fired by producer Arron Spelling for becoming pregnant; Rocker Tommy Lee's battery charges, model Kelly Fisher's lawsuit against Dodi Fayed before he died with Princess Diana, sexual abuse case against Catholic Church, convicted murderer Scott Peterson mistress; Amber Fry to name but a few.

In Gloria's own words; "The holocaust began when Jews were deprived of their civil liberties & escalated into them being deprived of their lives. We must take a stand whenever someone is denied basic civil rights. Don't tolerate discrimination for a single minute!"

Personally going through rape; raising a child alone with no child support, abortion, & growing up in a Philadelphia row house is never far from Glorias heart.

Being a member of Mensa; an exclusive club for genius IQ's is only one of many achievements of Ms. Gloria Allred; Trailblazing Attorney!



Judy Joy Jones Show with Rock n' Roll Legend; Buddy Holly's

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Judy Joy Jones Show


"Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue: A Memoir by Buddy Holly's Peggy Sue" author Peggy Sue Gerron is our guest. She tells story of Buddy Holly, who died in plane crash with The Big Bopper & Ritchie Valens. Peggy is the subject of Buddy Holly's most famous song; "PEGGY SUE", that climbed to the top of 1957 Billboard Charts.

It cast her into international spotlight. Peggy Sue's book is about era of black and gold Chevy's, pink Cadillacs, bobby sox, hamburgers; & the wild side of living life in the fast lane with Rock n' Roll Greats.

Gary Patterson; also our guest, is worlds leading Rock n' Roll Expert and author of "Take a Walk on the Dark Side: Rock and Roll Myths, Legends, and Curses!"

Judy Joy Jones Show with Lena Maria; Life Without Limits!

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Judy Joy Jones Show


 'I rejoice in what I can do-not mourn what I can't'  Lena Maria

Lena Maria was born with no arms and only one leg. She is gold-medal swimmer, singing star, painter/writer. In 1/2008, Lena Maria received The King's Medal from H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf with the words: 'For prominent accomplishment as an artist, athlete & model for people with disabilities in Sweden and abroad.'
Lena was a speaker in 2/2009 at the distinguished Ted Conference along with Bill Gates!  TED presents talks by the worlds leading thinkers and doers.
At age 20; she became known through Swedish TV documentary; "Goal in Sight". The program was presented by HRH Silvia Bernadotte, Queen of Sweden, at disability convention in Washington, DC. "I rejoice in what I can do; not mourn what I can't", Lena says.
Mark Skelton; Hollywood Filmmaker/CEO Positive Pictures is tonight's co-host!

Judy Joy Jones Show with Mark Skelton; Filmmaker/Founder Positive Picture Group & Peace Pilgrim Movie

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Peace Pilgrim walked across the USA for over 20 years.
penniless, carrying only a toothbrush and comb; sleeping anywhere
unless offered shelter, fasting unless offered food.
Her message?  "Overcome Hatred with Love"

"Mark Skelton; Filmmaker/Founder 'Positive Picture Group' & Peace Pilgrim Movie!"

Friday; 4/10/09   7pm pst;  9pm cst;  10pm est

Call-in Number: (646) 929-1344

Mark Skelton; Hollywood Filmmaker/Founder of Positive Picture Group, is back to update us on his latest film project; Peace Pilgrim. Peace Pilgrim walked across the USA for over 20 years on foot; penniless, carrying only a toothbrush and comb; sleeping anywhere unless offered shelter, fasting unless offered food. Her message? "Overcome Hatred with Love" At age 20, Mark purchased a one-way around world ticket. 

Covering more than 40 countries in five years, led Mark to become Arts & Entertainment executive on London's biggest selling newspaper; Evening Standard. Mark started his own production company; co-producing a two-part documentary, "For the Love of Skype", with Al Gore's Current TV Network & recently founded Positive Pictures Group Film Co. Co-host is Christina Blodgett; BTR Director Customer Relations.


Alan Levy; Founder/CEO of BlogTalkRadio; Leading us to New Galaxies! by Judy Joy Jones

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Grab your Biggest Wings and Fly with Alan Levy!

Alan Levy; Founder/CEO of BlogTalkRadio is leading us to new galaxies through his amazing communications inventions; allowing us to connect with everyone on this planet! The simplicity with which BlogTalkRadio works; makes is sheer child's play.

I am happy to be part of BTR with my Judy Joy Jones Show, making it possible to share scientists, authors, publishing companies, musicians, composers, etc. with millions of people around the world.

My recent guests include; Dr. Maya Angelou, Arun Gandhi-Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, Gloria Allred-Most famous female attorney on this earth, Dr. Michio Kaku, considered on the three leading scientist alive, sharing his NY Times bestselling book: "Physics  of the Impossible",   Susan Powter, exercise guru and also a NY Times Bestselling author who has her own show on BTR,  plus many many more notable 'minds and talents' of our time!

The opportunities we have through this medium are endless and Alan opens new channels of communications so quickly; one has to grow wings to keep up with him. I have always wanted to have the whole world of people as my friends; now I do thanks to Blog Talk Radio.  Keep up the great work Alan Levy!

And to keep up; I am putting on my biggest wings ever.



Judy Joy Jones Show with Arun Gandhi; Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi; Spiritual Leader of India!

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Monday; February 16th
4:00 pm PST; 7:00 pm EST
Call In Number:
(646) 929-1344
Arun Gandhi's childhood days under South Africa's apartheid for someone of Indian heritage was considerably difficult, humiliating, and often violently abusive. Like many Indians, he was demeaned by Europeans for not being white, and ostracized by Africans for not being black, and subject to racially-motivated violence from extremists in both groups. This led to a series of resentful and angry teenage years. While living with his grandfather; Mahatma Gandhi from 1946 until his assassination in 1948, Arun experienced the most tumultuous period in India's struggle to free itself from British rule. Both the events and Mahatma Gandhi's teachings strongly influenced Arun. When Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in 1948, Arun felt such anger that he wanted to take revenge upon the assassin. Then he remembered his grandfather’s words: "Never react immediately in anger". Called a messenger of peace, Arun Gandhi; Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, has dedicated his life to spreading his grandfather’s teachings around the globe. Christina Blodgett, Director of Customer Relations for Blogtalkradio is our Special Co-host.

"IS ELVIS PRESLEY ALIVE?" with Elvis historian; Cory Cooper fresh from his 'Coast to Coast

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Wednesday, January 21
7pm PST, 9pm CST, 10pm EST

Check your timezones!

Judy Joy Jones Show; "Is Elvis Presley Still Alive?" with Cory Cooper

Judy Joy Jones Show presents "Is Elvis Presley Alive?" Fresh from 'Coast to Coast' radio appearance, Elvis Presley historian, Cory Cooper takes center stage to set the record straight about Elvis's death! Cory's a frequent source for books, radio shows, movies and television projects about Elvis's life & music. His wealth of friends and contacts in the Elvis world include authors, performers, friends and members of the "Memphis Mafia," the close group of friends and employees that worked with and protected Elvis Presley.


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The Interview with Opera Composer Carla Lucero by Judy Jones in "On the Road With Judy!" is dedicated to the silenced voices of female composers throughout history.  May they speak forever more through the pens of writers and poets all over the earth.  The last
female commissioned opera was in 1903 by the New York Opera Company.

Carla Lucero's first opera; "WUORNOS!"; was based on the life of serial killer Eileen Wuornos. Carla had hoped by writing this opera, she would save the life of Eileen who was on death row at the time of the opera's premier. But fate had other plans and Ms. Wuornos was put to death.

Ms. Lucero's second opera; "Sor Juana" is due to premier this year; 2009!

I hope you enjoy the interview I did with Carla in  "On the Road With Judy!".

You may find the interview at:


Judy Joy Jones Show with Beatle John Lennons lover May Pang; 'Instamatic Karma'

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Judy Joy Jones Show with John Lennon lover; May Pang discussing 'Instamatic Karma: Photographs of John Lennon'


Beatle John Lennon & his wife Yoko Ono's personal assistant in the early 1970's was May Pang. May was working for the Beatles management company; ABKCO and hired from there by John & Yoko. On the advice & with the approval of Yoko Ono; John Lennon and May Pang became lovers from 1973-1975!

According to legend; it was when Lennon was unhappy and unproductive; estranged from his family and band members. John Lennon is the most famously photographed Beatle, yet May Pang's beautifully sensitive photos capture a side of John we have never seen before.

In May's book; "INSTAMATIC KARMA: Photographs of John Lennon"; www.instamatickarma.com, her photos show Lennon clowning around, working on his hit album "Walls & Bridges" & hanging out in their Manhattan apartment.

"There were times I was a bit reticent in taking out my camera, like when some 'old friends' stopped by to hang out. I didn't want to intrude on these moments, but John insisted. He felt that I captured him in ways no one else did because of his comfort level with me...For years, only my closest friends got to see these photos-which were literally tucked away in a shoebox in my closet. They were surprised that these images did not convey the John that was portrayed in the press during our time together. In fact, they saw a side of John seldom seen" -May Pang.

The book also contains the historically important photo of Lennon signing the ending of the Beatles partnership document.

You may purchase copies of "Instamatic Karma" by May Pang at:



Christina Blodgett of BlogTalkRadio will be our special co-host tonight!