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                                                by Judy Jones


                                               by Judy Jones







                 BELINDA BENTLEY

                     CELEBRITY PSYCHIC

WOW!  On the Road with Judy! went on its first Ghost
Hunting expedition with Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley.
After hearing of the ghost hunters; gathering together
in Placerville, California, I called my side-kick;
Laura Nimr and off we went. 

So hold on to your hats, open your minds bout' as
wide as they can go and enjoy the interview with Belinda.
She is real and 'hauntingly' accurate.  And to all
the ghosts lurking about, watch out!  Belinda
can see you and doesn't need glasses to do so.
Instead she uses her 'psychic glasses' which
according to Belinda we all possess and just need
a little help in learning how to wear them!


When did you discover your remarkable ability to see and
talk to ghosts Belinda?

I saw things at a very young age; four or five.
I didn't understand it was called psychic.
I was raised a Jehovah's Witness and  taught
anything  psychic or having to do with spirits
was demonic contact and that it was wrong.
When someone logically explained
the way
energy travels, I was able to acknowledge

my gifts.

Can people talk to relatives and friends
that have crossed over by contacting you?

Yes they can.  I have been doing this for
eight years with a large amount of success.

Did other members of your family have
these gifts?

They don't really claim it because of
the religious upbringing, but yes they all do.
My mother was driving down the freeway
many years ago in Santa Cruz, when she
heard a voice tell her to pull over and shut
the hood.  She didn't listen thinking
'the hood is not up'.  The hood flew up
moments later and cracked the windshield.
My dad had been working on the car the night
before and didn't shut it all the way.

Where were you born?

Los Angeles, California

Have you heard scientists are actually working
on a 'telephone' that will ondeay enable
us to talk to spirits on the other side just
like we do everyone else?  Alexander Graham
Bell was working on  such a device at the time
of his death.  What are your thoughts about this?

I can't wait for it to happen.  We have waited
too long.  I think people might think it is
crazy that such a thing can exist or that it is
impossible, yet, everyday another thing is
invented that is 'impossible'.  It seems
to me that everyone wants to find something
or someone crazy until they are proved wrong.

Not only do I hope the 'spirit' phone will come
out for people to talk to their dead loved ones,
but maybe it will unite us in such a way we stop
judging and calling people crazy and instead grow in
understanding and love.  We can become a
world that supports each other.

Are you an 'old soul' Belinda?

Yes, I believe I am an old soul.  I have been here
many times before as a leader, follower, victim, and
a predator and having lived so many different lives
makes it easier to understand people and be able
to do psychic readings without judging based on what
I see and feel.  I can do readings with love because of
my many previous lifetimes on earth.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I am working on a documentary about the spirit
world and a TV show, that is unlike any other.
There is ghost hunting, and will be part of
the collective awareness going on.

Can people contact you to come to their homes
and help rid them of 'unwelcome' ghosts or
even talk to 'friendly ghosts' that they would like
to keep in their houses?

Yes they can contact me to do that.  I don't really
get rid of 'unwelcome' ghosts though.  We love the
ghost and give it a  counseling session and
help  them to see more of what is around them
and invite them to join spirits in other 
realms and that works quite well.  I use love not
force and give them a listening ear and see if we
can detach them from their earthly possessions.

Have you ever been on a ghost hunt and sensed
an 'undiscovered murder'?

Yes, that happens a lot.  But since I deal
with spirits that are 1000 years old at times,
there is noone left to tell about the murders.

Do you believe spirits from the other side
contact you to help solve crimes they
can see in the spirit world?

When I  talk to a spirit that has been killed,
they are happy to be on the other side.
They hold no grudges and don't hate the
person who did it.  More often then not,
the person was 'ready' to go and they don't
care how it happened.  The only time I have
seen a spirit care enough to shed light on the
subject is when they are trying to protect someone
who is still living. 

Spirits tell me when you die you see the journey
and life begins to make sense and you learn from
what yoo did and what you didn't do as well as what
you did wrong and also all the things you did correctly.
It is all just experience.   Other psychics deal
with spirits that want to solve crimes.  Not me.
My journey is to find peace with death, not
capture the criminal that is living.  Everyone is
here for a reason and mine is that of love,
peace and harmony with what we don't see, know
or understand.

You are a very special person with a big career
ahead of you!  I am so pleased On the Road With
Judy! went to Placerville to experience our first
'ghost hunting' led by Belinda Bentley; Celebrity

Thank-you for the interview.  On the Road
With Judy! looks forward to hearing
and seeing much more of Celebrity Psychic
Belinda Bentley!

 Where can the readers contact you
for readings, etc. Belinda?


877 547 7924 Telephone



                BELINDA BENTLEY

                    CELEBRITY PSYCHIC

A Galactic Arts/Music Newsletter



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