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                "BONES OF THE HOMELESS"
                                    by Judy Jones

                                Recorded by:
                       Ray Charles bass player
                                   Curtis Ohlson 



The Bones of the Homeless
by Judy Joy Jones

                                              by Judy Jones

           Spiritual Leader



We are great, powerful and mighty spiritual beings

of light in a physical world with dignity, direction and purpose!
                                 Dannion Brinkley

When Dannion Brinkley said
yes to an interview with
I excitedly called several friends
who made lists of people they
planned to email it too the second
I completed it!

Dannion Brinkley comes from
his heart straight into ours,
and is deeply loved by millions
all over the earth!

his best selling book to anyone
and they not only have a copy
they talk about Dannion like he
is one of their family.  That's called
being 'Very Very Famous!'

Dannion has died three times
and yet is the most alive person
I've ever done an interview with.

One man asked me;  'Why does
he keep coming back instead of
just dying?'

Well, if you would also like to know
the answer to that question, just read
the fabulous interview with Dannion
Brinkley in  'ON THE ROAD WTH JUDY!'


Below is information about Dannion
Brinkley I copied from the web
which is the 'perfect prelude'
to hearing from the man himself!

Dannion Brinkley was talking on the telephone
when a bolt of lightening hit the phone line,
sending thousands of volts into his head, down
through his body.  Brinkley was thrown across
the room, and later reported seeing his lifeless
body below, as his spirit hovered above it.

His girlfriend found him as paramedics arrived.
Dannion's spirit was still floating above the whole
scene, and he wondered what the excitement
was about since he could see everyones auras in the
room, and they all seemed fine, except, his own,
a pretty bit hint that he was, in fact, dead.

As doctors pronounced Brinkley, dead at the
local hospital, he reportedly found his
spirit traveling through a dark tunnel
toward an angelic being who led him into
a 'crystal city'.  There, Dannion entered
a 'cathedral of knowledge' where
he was shown thirteen visions, contained
in what he termed 'boxes'.

Beings of light also showed him one hundred
and seventeen glimpses of possible future
events, of which ninety five have come
to pass.

Brinkley came to in the morgue
twenty eight minutes after his death and
later gave a personal account of his
near death experience in his best selling
book 'SAVED BY THE LIGHT' first published
in 1995.

Dannion spent many months recovering
from the physically debilitating effects
of the electrical blast, while at the same
time discovered he had acquired amazingly
accurate mind reading abilities.

A second near death experience, a few
years later, reunited Brinkley with his
angelic teachers, who revealed he was
to use his psychic gifts to help the dying.
His second best selling book, "AT PEACE
IN THE LIGHT" soon followed

In September 1997, Dannion was hospitalized
with life threatening brain aneurysms and had
yet a third near death experience.  Despite
medical opinions to the contrary, he
miraculously survived.

Besides lectures and book signings, Dannion
Brinkley does hospice work, using his
experiences and gifts to help those who are
nearing and perhaps fearing their own deaths.

Dannion Brinkley's Interview
with On the Road With Judy!

Dannion would you please
describe to the reader of
what being dead is actually like?

I often tell my audiences,
'We're as dead right now as
we are ever going to be!'
Judy, death just does not exist,
not in the way we have all come
to fear it.  Yes, at the end of
our lives, we will all leave our
physical bodies behind.  But
the body is not what gives us life.

Our spirit gives life, and the spirit
is immortal and eternal.  So, to
answer the question of how it
feels being dead; it felt incredible!

I experienced a sense of utter
freedom, exhilarating lightness
as well as an awesome oneness with
the entire Universe.  It was beyond

In my opinion, death is probably the
most sensual experience I've ever had.
For me, having the personal capability to
sense the perfection of Divinity was
the ultimate in spiritual wonderment.

So I can say without hesitation that
my death was indeed my most
excellent adventure!

Could you have stayed on
the other side Dannion?

If I could have, Judy, I
would have.  That's for sure.
After seeing the Heavens and
being wrapped up in that kind
of love and safety, there was
no way I wanted to return
to the world of the so-called living.

But I was not allowed to stay in the
Heavens.  I was told I had to go back
for my life on Earth was not finished.

Do you believe you pick your
parents and they you before birth?

Yes, actually I do believe that
we choose our parents.  However,
it's not as simple as that.  In
choosing our parents, we are
usually choosing an entire
matrix of relationships designed
to help us grow spiritually in
physical life, as a result.

Yes, I must reiterate that in
choosing our parents, there is
definitely a collective choice
made, for the personal balance
and harmony of all concerned.

If we each have a 'chosen destiny'
were your 'death experiences'
already written in your life's script?

Judy, I believe in both destiny
and free will.  You see, we all
have a destiny in life.  A goal
we are meant to reach; a mission
we are here to fulfill.

Yet, how we reach that goal
or fulfill that mission is based
on free will.  We can decide
to take a direct route to our
destiny, or we can choose
the scenic route.

The Universe really doesn't
care how we get there.  It just
cares that we do indeed, get there.

I have heard you say none of
us can fail at our purpose on
this earth.  Is there anyway
we can test that to make certain
we are 'on the right track'
so to speak?

Don't you find that when you are
on track your life seems to flow
and your days are more meaningful?

That's how I can tell when I am
'on purpose'.  There is peace and
sense of contentment that permeates
my life when I am doing what I came
here to do.  For me, that means that
people aren't dying alone.

And if on a good day I'm really in sync,
I make it home on time for dinner with
Kathryn and the girls.

When you are at the bedside of a dying
soul Dannion, has there ever been
anyone who didn't die at peace?

Most definitely, however, it has
happened very few times and when
it did it was with people in the last
stages of transition whom I had known
only a few hours.

You see, the longer I know a person,
the more I am empowered to help
them transition completely devoid
of fear.

Therefore, if I have the opoortunity
to establish a close rapport with the
person and their family, the more I
can help them to resolve issues of fear
that were created over a lifetime.

If you knew you had exactly one year
left in your body and this time there
would be 'no coming back', how would
you spend those twelve months?

My earliest ambition in life was to
walk the most exotic beaches of the
world in search of driftwood.

So, if I had twelve months to live, I
would take my beautiful wife and
lovely daughters to a tropical paradise
to collect on-of-a kind pieces
of driftwood.

We keep hearing about 'time traveling'.
Is there a possibility you didn't nearly
die, but instead did some time traveling
in order to gain the knowledge needed
to do all your have and write your
wonderful books that are filling so many
with new ways of thinking and seeing?

First, let me say, that I do believe
in the possibility of time travel.
but when you have no pulse, no
brain activity and no respiration,
that moves you just outside the
realm of space and time travel;
that means you are definitely dead.

Would you describe yourself as
'an old soul' Dannion?

Actually, I would describe myself
as an ancient soul who is possibly
'slightly retarded'.

You see, with all of the experience
that being an ancient soul would
have afforded me, I often wonder
why it is that I needed to endure
three near-death experiences and
yet I still do stupid things!

Could you possibly be a walk-in?

Both Ruth Montgomery (a most famous writer
on the subject for decades) and my wife,
Kathryn, believe without a doubt
I am a walk-in.  And because I often
have vibrant memories I cannot relate in
any fashion to my present life, even I
must sometimes consider the possibility.

Did you and Kathryn make a contract with one
another before entering your bodies?

Sure we did; we all make contracts with
one another.  However, unlike any other
contract in this lifetime, Kathryn and I
have been in love since before the
beginning of time.

Often people ask how long we've been
married, and I reply, 'Oho, about
thirty-thousand years.'  In truth, without
Kathryn my heart and soul would be

What is the one dream you haven't
been able to finish, or start that is
absolutely something you are driven
to do?

The Centers.  I just haven't yet been able
to put everything into place.  Finding
the absolute perfect way to execute a
vision from Heaven can sometimes
be difficult to achieve in the physical
realm.  Nonetheless, it is my task, and
with my wife's help and loving guidance,
it shall come to pass.

Dannion, do you think there should
be schools for teaching us how to die?

Without question...anyone who spends
time at the beside of the dying
knows how important living well, and passing
gracefully truly is.

The need is one of the reasons why my
was created.  I hope one day it can
evolve into what was called 'A Mystery School'
in ancient times.

If we cross over totally unprepared,
what would you suggest we do?

Run like hell!  Just kidding.
In reality, no one is ever totally
unprepared to leave this world,
Judy.  We are all spiritual beings
who chose and were chosen to come
here.  Furthermore, the soul is
mightier then the human personality.

It is prepared at all times, to return
home.  Rest assured, our transition has been
just as meticulously planned as our
birth and it always occurs at the perfect
time and place.

I along with millons of others consider
you one of the spiritual leaders of our
times.  As a child, did you have dreams, etc.
preparing you for your mission, Dannion?

No, Judy, at least none that I was
aware of.  I spent the majority
of my childhood looking for people
to terrorize.

I can't say that I was very nice as
a child, and certainly, I was not
into dreams.   My only mission
as a child was to win my next
school yard fight!.

Why do some people have a more
heavenly course in achieving their
dreams and destinies and others are
in a constant 'war zone' and still
others 'in the middle' of both?

We all choose the course of action
that our lives will take to get the
maxium amount of growth and
enfoldment in the shortest possible
amount of time.

We must keep in mind we are what
we eat, and that our thoughts create
the reality we manifest.

If we don't like living in the war zone
we need to transform our thoughts
from  combative to compassionate.
As within, so without.

Dannion, do you have 'guides'
assisting you with your mission
and dreams from the other side?

Yes, and most of them I do not
particularly like because they
have too many of my worse
personal traits. One of my
guides I like the least, is Alex.

He usually shows up just after I
have made another stupid mistake,
just to rub my noise in it.

Then there is Evelyn who always
comes to console and comfort me.
You know, we all have Guides, and
Guardians along the path and they
tend to rotate in and out of our lives
as we change and grow!

Since you are 'the teacher', do you
ever read books on spirituality or do you
just know all of it through intuition?

I read every book I can get my
hand on, especially those that have anything
to do with helping me to master the art of

Dannion, you have made many
dreams come true by being part of
and it's many readers.
We love you Dannion!


            Spiritual Leader

"We are great, powerful and mighty spiritual beings
of light in a physical world with dignity, direction and purpose!
                                                  Dannion Brinkley

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