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                         "KAREL & ANDREW!"


                                                KAREL AND HIS BELOVED ANDREW   

                                                                                      by Judy Jones















                  RADIO SHOW HOST ON A

                        REGULAR BASIS




       Disc Jockey for KGO AM 810 

                     San Francisco



    "I've got fifty thousand

 watts of power and I'm not

 afraid to use them!" 


"Karel!"  I shouted aloud. 

 "Karel is back."


I first heard Karel and Andrew his

beloved  partner (who has since

passed away from aids)on a radio

station out of Los Angeles. His  voice

shot straight thru me, filling me

with  light and joy & I was hooked!  

And for the next  year I listened

to Karel and Andrew every chance

I got before moving out of  the area.


Thanks to KGO's excellent taste

in DJ's, Karel is back and even if

he had only one watt of power

instead of fifty thousand, his

boundless energy and intensity could

wake up the whole world and the

planets beyond!


Watch out!  Karel's absolute lust for

life is contagious and I'm thrilled to share

to share his magic.


 Karel opened his heart, giving

100% of himself, pouring out his

love for you the readers of   "On the Road

With Judy!"  in the following interview

So open your hearts and let  "KAREL"  









Karel you remind me of a shooting star!

Where are you headed?



Well, that's the beauty of flying

through  space, isn't it?  One never knows

where they're going to end up.  I've

tried to predict my journey so many

times, and never landed where

I thought I would.


For instance, while in college,

 I wanted to make films,

be on television, and do stage.

Then I ended up a music journalist. 

From there, I became a recording

artist.  After that, a talk show

host for the biggest talk station

in the country.   My GPS certainly

needs allignment!  Now, I've got

a book coming out!  So, I hope to

land in television, film, stage,

while continuing as a talk

show host and author.



        I first heard you and Andrew

on the radio in Ventura, California and

immediately fell in love.  Your voice

is so joyful, it made me want to

listen to you forever. Where did all

that joy come from Karel?



    Well, you touched on it. 

All that joy came from Andrew who

died of aids.  He was my joy, my

life, the focal point. He took this

raw mass  of energy, me, and

helped me focus.


He used to say water running down

the side of a hill in all directions does

no one any good, but create a channel

for that water, a groove, and suddenly

it's a powerful thing.  He created the

channel for me. And now that he's

gone, I serve his memory by

continuing to grow. 


          I also think when you face a

life of adversity, growing up poor

with handicapped parents,  being

always different, facing AIDS for 20

years with friends, well, you realize,

life is a precious, joyous thing. 

It's a remarkable gift, each day,

and it's one to be celebrated,

not wasted.  This is not a dress

rehearsal, this is the performance. 

Make sure each day is the best.



    Has anyone ever compared

you to the young Mozart in the movie




   Well, they have compared

me to things, but never anyone quite

so talented!  It's so funny, when

people compare me, it's always to women. 

Rosie O'Donnel, Bette Midler, even

Streisand, because of my work ethic,

my aspirations, the way I work in many



I was answering a personal

ad on the air the other day for a

segment of the show, and it said

what celebrity do you most

resemble....I put Karel...It seems the

union is full of talk show hosts, but

their ain't but one of me!




    Karel, Andrew seemed like

 such a gentle soul. I loved him even

though I never had the pleasure of

meeting him in person.  Sometimes

while listening to you on the radio,

you would get really excited about

some subject, and Andrew like 'god'

brought what you were trying to say

back to earth in  a very  'user friendly' 

way.  Do you think you would have done

radio without him?



    No, quite literally.  No one

wanted just me at the time.  They

wanted us.  He only did radio because

of that.  He never wanted to be famous. 

He was a brilliant writer and loved to

garden.  He only did it out of his

love for me.  And yes, he could ground

me in a second.  One word, one

look.  I always said I never wanted

to do radio without him.  The big guy

talked a lot, but the little guy ran the show.


I remember vividly.  We were in

Garden Grove Community Hospital. 

Andrew was having a drug reaction. 

We were going to call in sick, but

there were endorsement spots

to read that night, and if I went in,

I made an extra $500. So, the

station said let's have April Winchell

sit in with you.  She did.  I left the

hospital, went and did the show,

and came back. 


Andrew was so sad.  He said they

wanted to replace him.  I told him

impossible, it was just for the time

being while he was in the hospital. 

For once, I saw  that he liked what

he did, but had no faith in his abilities.

So, I called in sick the rest of the week,

and told him I didn't want to do

radio without him.


After his death, I went solo on KFI

radio station, and NO ONE, no guest,

no co-host sat in the chair to my right. 

That was Andrew's.  And I  brought

a small urn, little one, to the radio

studio each time with a bit of his

ashes in it.  Stupid, I know, but I

wanted him there with me.  Even

to this day I do that.   He's still

there, with me.  In my head. 

And his urn is on my counter.



   When I first heard you

on KGO radio, I didn't know what

happened to Andrew.  Finally

one night you explained and I

cried.  You have a trillion times

more energy now than when

I first heard you in Ventura. 

Do you think Andrews light

went in to you after he left this

plane of existence?



Yes, there is no doubt,

he imprinted on me. Case in point: 

I couldn't cook.  Andrew was a gourmet

chef.  After he died, I channel him

in the kitchen.  It's so miraculous

to watch.  I know where everything is. 

I know what to do, how to do it. 

I make stock from scratch.  I cook

gourmet meals.  It's him, no doubt

about it.  And yes, he's there, in

my head talking to me during shows.  


When Andrew passed away that

 night he swept through me.    

He left me the best of him.



Do you feel like you are a

stronger, more focused Karel

because of your years spent with




I am Karel because of

Andrew.  There would be no Karel

without him.  Yes, a thousand

times yes.....He gave me the reason,

the skill, the focus. 




       Noone could ever take

 his place but are you open to a

 new love coming into your life?



   All the second half has

to be is fun!! Yes, I would be open

to dating again.  It would be different. 

He was the love of my life.  There's

no two ways about that.  But, he

would want me to have someone

as well.  The beauty is, I have

such miraculous friends.  I almost

don't need to date.  And the dogs,

and the rabbit, and the chickens

and the fish.........I'm surrounded by love!



     You are music Karel..Just

hearing your voice makes me get up and

dance!  Are you presently composing?



Yes, I am putting together

a new album which will be in a new

direction.  It's a surprise, so

I won't say much more, but yes,

there will be a new Karel record,

bare, stripped down. 


Me, a few musicians -  the voice 

that has learned, the lyrics that

have lived,   the sound that has

developed, the person that has

changed, not a lot of production. 





You are so honest with

your audience about your feelings

for your Mother, Andrew, everyone

really.  Listening to you on the radio

is like attending an opera for me! 

What in your life has allowed you

to be so open and honest?



    My mom.  There's no

shame in her game. What you see

is what you get.  And the fact that

fallacies and facades are so easy to

see through.


      Give your heart, your soul, your

life to everything you do.  I don't

know if it breaks the rules of talk

radio.  All I know is that I have

to be honest. 


      This is my life we are talking

about, your life.  You have to connect

with me. You have to feel  that

what I'm doing is informative, relevant

and entertaining.    Otherwise,

why bother?   Some people complain

about how open I am, but I can't be

another way.   I'm not a character,

saying lines.  I'm a person, trying to

figure out these topics along with

the rest of the world.



   Are you an  'old soul'  Karel?



    Well, my back certainly

feels that way in the morning! 

Yes, I think I am.   Andrew was one

that the world just wasn't ready for

yet.   I seem to get things that seem

so basic to me yet to others have trouble

understanding.  To me, that means

I've gone through this at some point

before and learned my lesson then.



    Where do you see yourself

ten years from now?



  I  don't have a clue,

because I'm not where I thought

I would be ten years previous. 

I hope I'm happy, surrounded

by friends and family, working

in radio, TV and film, selling

books and being Karel.



What dreams does your

heart beckon you to follow at

this point in your life?   And are

you listening to them?



I've had an extraordinary

life and live what most people dream. 

Remember only 3% of all people in

entertainment actually make a living

doing it.


I've talked to heads of state, dined

with superstars and eaten out of

McDonald's dumpsters and stayed at

George V in Paris.  I've been loved by

the greatest man on this planet,

surrounded myself with the most

loving, talented friends a person

could ask for.


But no, I'm not doing all I could

right now.  Andrew's death

blindsided me.  I should be

making films myself, not

waiting for Hollywood.  I

should be financing my own

TV talk show, not waiting

for syndicators. 


Dreams are fine, but those that

achieve them are the ones that

show up, that do something to

further them.  I do need to be

a little more proactive on some




Would you describe yourself

as being born 'a star' or did you

have to work for it?



A star is a burning ball

of gas in the universe, so, I could

be one!  I feel I've been very, very

lucky my entire life.  But I, we,

worked for it very hard.  There's

been a lot of dues paying. 

And you always work for it. 

It's funny about dreams, about

success, when you arrive at

a level you  have to work very

hard to stay there.  And to progress,

work even harder. There is no

easy road anyplace.



      If a movie were being made

about your life, who would

play Karel?



     Well, Bruce Vilanche

would want to!    I, of course,

would play me.    Who better?



     Your energy level is

incredible!   You exude life!

Did you inherit it from your parents?



    Yes,  from my mom. 

She is a 4'9" dynamo.   My dad

was the Andrew of the relationship,

grounded, more quiet.  My mom

is just as over the top as me,

she's a Diva, do doubt!



    Is your family in show




  Oh heaven's no. 

My mother worked secretarial

for years and my father was a cook.



      Would you describe

 yourself as 'Fearless' Karel?



      Just the opposite. 

I'm afraid of everything, that's

why I do what I do.  Challenge

your fear. I think most performers

are insecure, and I certainly fall in

to that category.



      Are you one of the Century's

movers and shakers?


      I don't know.  I think

in the gay community. Andrew

and I broke barriers, being the

first openly gay male couple

to host a drive time radio show

in a major market in history.


I continue, through radio, my

column at  www.Advocate.com  

and my book to break down

barriers, and stereotypes.  But

who knows.  There's a

wonderful line from a song

by Linda Eder called

"Gold" from the upcoming

 play 'Camille.' 

The line is:


                 "I know my voice was just a whisper

                     but someone must have heard

                     there were nights

                     the moon above me stopped and

                     let my light take hold.

                     I rode across the sky and

                     once I touched the gold."


I've touched the gold.  Before

Andrew's death, we were

on majoy market radio, loved

each other wildly, had a

nice family life, and beautiful

home, my mom was healthy.

Will I touch it again?  Who

knows.  I'm working on it.


     KGO is a blessing.  It's the 

#1 station there and they

took a chance on my quickly. 

Surprisingly, I'm the first

openly gay host they've had

on in the bay area on a regular

basis.  So, my voice may be a

whisper, but someone must

have heard.........



What would you change

about your life up to now?



      Andrew's death.  That's

the only regret, the only thing

I would change.  The rest made

me who I am and I needed

it to become Karel. 


But Charles Raymond   'Karel'  

Bouley, regrets the events of

May 21, 2001 more than anyone

will ever know. 



I think of you as a huge tree.

A tree young people can climb

on, swing from, bend, push, hug

and you just keep sheltering,

loving and teaching. 

Would you agree?



Well huge yes!  I don't

know.  Does anyone really know? 

I do know that I try to be honest. 

That I try to be loving when I can. 

That for all the bravado, I value

many things including life, love,

happiness, understanding, kindness,

joy.  I get angry and express that, too. 

Like a tree, I have many branches,

each a different part of me.

But I'm learning as I go. 


If others can join me in that,

then its wonderful.   I don't

know any more or less than

anyone else, I just ask the

questions, try to figure it out,

look at the box from all sides now.



Do you have plans to

relocate to the Bay area since

KGO is located here?



 No, not at the moment. 

 I love my house, my friends,

 my city too much. 



 Karel you are all over the place. 

 A creative genius who the whole

 world just shakes their head trying

 to figure out. Have you ever wanted

to be anyone other than this extremely

creative individual named Karel?


Always.  I've always

wanted to be a banker, an accountant,

a graphic designer....anyone that has

a regular 9-5, is content to have

2.5 children, a home in the suburbs,

etc. The life of an entertainer is

maddening.  The sad part is,

it would be a lie for me, and

I can't live one. 


 So no.  I've had such a fun time,

met so many wonderful people,

this bipolar existence is mine,

and I love it.  It has brought me

great joy, tremendous pain,

wonderful love and big heartaches.

It has brought me life, my life.



   Who are some of your mentors?



 Andrew Howard, 

David Hall, Barbara Streisand,

my mother, Jack Swanson,

Trish Robbins, Karen Dittman...

so many people teach me so

many things.  Andrew taught me

about love, life and to stop and

notice the color purple.

David Hall taught me about

radio, and why no host is

better, just different.  Streisand

taught me that even when

people say you can't, you can. 

My mom taught me resilliance.

Jack and Trish taught me that

moving on isn't a bad thing.

Karen teaches me about the

realities of the world outside

my bubble....and there's so

many more.



Do you have any future

plans oneday to just do music?

I love to hear you sing.



No, I can't just do one thing. 

It's like asking an octopus to use

just one tentacleCreative people

create, in all mediums that they can. 

I've been blessed.  I can write

without effort.  I can sing, it just

comes out.  I can talk for three

hours about a topic.  I can stand

in front of  a room and make

them laugh, or become another

character on film.  It's all so

easy and yet so hard at the

same time.  But it's all a part

of me.  To section off a part,

would be to deny the others.



If you were God, how

would you change the general

state of the world or would you?





I'd tell my followers

that love is the answer,

not bigotry, hatred.  That we

are all, in fact, created equal.

I'd step in a little more.  There

would be no nuclear weapons,

period.  In fact, no weapons, period. 

I'd make people deal with each

other on a personal level, not as

a name on a screen or a statistic

on a war department report. 

And I'd make Oprah my

on-earth representative.



   I haven't heard much

about your father.  How did he

influence your life?



   My dad was a quiet

man.  He was sick his whole life.

 He died almost 20 years ago now. 

 He taught me about love, about

how it wasn't always physical

but could be much deeper. 

My mother cared for him, and

he kept her on her toes.  They

were good for each other.

She is handicapped herself,

but there she was, taking him

in and out of the van in his

wheelchair....giving him hell

if he didn't do something.  


He showed me the power of

understatement.  And that

sickness doesn't mean the

end, doesn't mean you're

incapable of life.  You can

still live,  even if you are ill.



 Who are some of your

 favorite musicians Karel?



Great singers. 

Talent amazes me.  Anastacia,

Linda Eder, Streisand, Celine,

Midler, Vandross, Annie Lennox,

Emma Shapplin, Lara Fabian,

people of great talent...

my friend Thea Austin.   Singers.



I love your childlike

zeal for life!  How have you kept

that innonence when the world

seems more than happy to knock

it out of us?  



Simple, don't pay

attention!  The world can only

take what you give it.  So don't

give it up.  Keep it for yourself.

And we're all children, seeing

today for the first time. 

Wonder in it!!



Are you religious?  

Do you believe in God?



Well, no, not as

described by memebers

of modern day religion.  I am

spiritual in that I know

Andrew visits me in dreams,

in spirit.  I know energy, life,

goes on somehow.

but I don't know how.

I don't have the answer,

and I haven't heard a really

great theory yet.  Buddhists,

I suppose have it pretty correct.



Karel you are in a position

to make a difference in many

lives.  How does that feel?



 I do some things,

like answering Dear Santa

letters form the post office and

getting people to donate toys. 

I do all the benefits I can.

But as for the rest....you just

can't think about it. 


I get so many letters from

people, some, who

were on the verge of suicide

who reach out to me

 and say because of me

they didn't....and when I lost

weight, so many people lost

 weight with me.......you

can't think about it or it

would paralyze you.  You

do your job, you respond

to people.  (I read and try to

 answer all my email), you act

human and be human. 

 If that makes a difference,

great.  But never set out to.



  Have you ever thought

of adopting children?



    Oh yes, Andrew

and I were going to adopt

a chinese baby before he died 

of aids and  we were going to name

her Daniel Lee, Daniel after

our friend Karen's late husband,

and Lee because of Andrew's

middle name.  Now that I'm

single and 40, it looks doubtful,

 but one never knows.



     Do you consider yourself

ahead of your time Karel?





 Many would

consider me behind it.

I don't know.  No, I'm just

right for this time.  I was

meant to be at this time.



   A mentor once told

me we can never have

any clout without money

You have   'had'  and   'had not'.

Is it true, 'no money, no clout?'



   Some  of the most

important people in my life

are or were broke.  I say you

can have no clout without

credibility, and that doesn't

come with money. 


Money means nothing, when

it's all said and done. 

Andrew changed my world,

had more clout with me

than anyone, and never once

was concerned about money. 

Money only gives you clout

when it comes to the material world.



Yes, if I had money, I could

simple produce my own TV

show and get it on the air.  

That would give me clout.

But I've had something money

can't buy, love.  Far more

important than clout.  Beware

of anyone that gives you

respect, listens to you more,

 or gives you credibility

simply because you have money.



Does being rich and

famous keep you from

being  lonely?



   Well, I'm neither,

so I wouldn't know. 

But, if I had to venture

a guess, I would say it

only isolates you more. 

Look at poor Michael Jackson. 

And others like him.  Be careful

what you wish for. Then again,

look at Meryl Streep and Patti Labelle.

I know Patti, and she is quite happy,

but just went throught divorce. 

Money and fame only amplify

and isolate.  They are great things

to have as a resource, but they

are not happiness in themselves.



    Do you have any patents

 for inventions. Your inquisitive

mind must invent nonstop!



     I don't have any patents,

but yes, Karen and I have come

 up with some great inventions.



  Karel, your life story

 sounds like Cinderellas. 

I heard you say you slept in

your car at one time due

to lack of money.   Now you

can sleep in five star

hotels!  Because you have

changed your life yourself,

do you expect everyone to

 be able to do the same?



Well, yes, everyone

can do the same.  It's your life,

take control of it.  If you don't like it,

change it, don't wait for someone

else to.  Use what you have, we

all have special gifts or talents.  Use

yours to elevate yourself.



   When you make your

 'final exit' what do you want

the world to remember about you?



   That I was loved. 

 That I loved.  That once

 I touched the gold.







                    by Judy Jones