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Kathy Miller singing her original song

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 "Kathy Miller Sang her Dream!"
by Judy Jones



                                     KATHY MILLER


                  'The touch of your hand

                   is all that I need

                  to reach out in love

                  in the service of life'

                            by Kathy Miller




I was first introduced to Kathy Miller while listening
to Peace Pilgrim's song,  "I AM"  which is sung
beautifully by none other than Kathy herself! 
She volunteered for the Peace Pilgrim Center.

On January 10, 2006, Kathy Miller made her
transition, leaving behind for all of us to enjoy,
her beautiful music in a CD called: 


The songs on the cd are the beautiful essence
of Peace Pilgrim's journey.  Kathy's voice echoes
the soul of all Peace stood for and I am very
honored to share the following interview
with you!

Kathy graciously answered the questions below
leaving her life as a shining example of a person
Kathy Miller touched that star by serving others.



                              PEACE PILGRIM
'This is the way of peace

                                       overcome evil with good

                                          falsehood with truth

                                          and hatred with love'





                           KATHY MILLER 



ME:  Kathy, I first learned of you when
          I heard
you singing Peace Pilgrims
  "I AM"  and never dreamed
          I would be fortunate enough to actually
          do an interview with you for "ON THE
          ROAD WITH JUDY!"

         What inspired you to record her song?



Kathy:   A film producer lived in my home for 2 1/2 years  
                  while doing research for a documentary 
                  on Peace Pilgrim.

                  He assembled a volunteer staff including several
                  who focused on music.  I asked one of them, who
                  professionally arranged music for the piano, if
                  he could make an instrumental arrangement
                  of the song that Peace Pilgrim composed.  I thought
                  it would be nice as a theme for the documentary. 

                 After several months, he told me he couldn't do
                 it because Peace Pilgrim wrote it like an old
                 fashioned hymn.  So, I started fooling around
                 with it myself.  First I transposed it so I could sing
                 it comfortably.  Then I just had fun with it.



ME:   How did your first find out
            about Peace Pilgrim?



KATHY:  In 1994, 13 years after Peace Pilgrim's
                  death, a friend sent me a copy of the booklet,
                  Steps Toward Inner Peace, in a get well card.
                  I was profoundly moved by this booklet and
                  phoned the Peace Pilgrim Center to order
                  the book:

                  'PEACE PILGRIM, HER LIFE
                   AND WORK IN HER OWN WORDS'

                 She sent me the get well card because
                 I had just had surgery on my throat.
                 Many of my family and friends were concerned
                 I would not be able to sing again.  


ME:       Were you searching for something
                meaningful in your life at that point?



KATHY:   I was not aware of that but on the
                    other hand, one of the first things
                    about Peace Pilgrim that inspired me
                    was the affirmation our life experience
                    is filled with wonder and untold possibilities.


ME:   Sounds like your whole life changed
            after opening your door to the filmmaker.
            But Peace Pilgrim's impact upon
            people was transforming.



KATHY:   I knew I was being presented
                    with a once in a lifetime experience
                    when I opened my door to the
                    filmmaker.  My whole life, expanded.



ME:     How have you grown volunteering
               at the Peace Pilgrim center?


KATHY:   When the center moved to
                     Somerset, California, I was
                     the only one there.  I realized
                     people would expect me to
                     have answers.  

                    The center received mail, phone
                    calls and email from all over
                    the world. I couldn't believe how
                    many selfless people there are
                    doing their unique part in bringing
peace to our planet!

                   Then one morning in October of 2004,
                   when I was 64 years old, I was diagnosed
                   with lung cancer.  Suddenly I felt helpless.


             Ann Rush              Kathy Miller          John Rush

ME:   Have there been moments Kathy, 
            you have resented giving so much
            of your life to others?



KATHY:   No, I highly recommend
                     being a volunteer.  To be
                     of service is a great gift!

                     Giving is not selfless. 
                     I have always received
                     more than I gave. 


ME:   Your singing voice is
            lovely.  Your first cd:


          absolutely took my breath
          away.  It is simple and clear. 
          You must work hours on your
          musical gifts.


KATHY:      Thanks for the compliment.
                         I came from a singing family!

                         My cd 'Kathy Miller honors
                         Peace Pilgrim'
was first
                         recorded in my home at
                         my 60th birthday party
                         and later in a professional
                         recording studio.

                        The first song on the cd
                        "Peace Pilgrim's Message
                          this is the way of peace"                         
came to me when I was  
                        walking one day, and I wrote
                        "Restful Darkness" as a lullaby 
                        for my grandson, Devin.



ME:      "The Touch of Your Hand"
                  which is playing in the 
                  background of our interview
                  on "ON THE ROAD WITH JUDY!"
                  is my personal favorite!

                  Do you plan on putting out
                  another cd?


KATHY:      Because of the throat
                         cancer I can barely sing.
                         But I will share some lyrics
                         I wrote;

                            "How do I say, "I love you"
                             to a friend who awaits 
                             the unknown?"

                           That mystical part of life's
                            journey that each of us 
                            faces alone

                            And where do I find 
                            life's meaning while the 
                            world is falling apart?"

                       The love that's born of this
                       moment is a miracle
                       of the heart"


ME:    People often refuse to grow
                and move forward.  You didn't.


KATHY:     Grace.  It is a gift, and
                        I have led a charmed life.


ME:          Kathy, do you feel fear
                     is our major drawback 
                     in our spiritual development?


KATHY:   When my husband left
                     me with three young
                     children, I was deeply

                    And yet the fear forced
                    me to move ahead so in
                    that case, fear was my friend.


ME:      Peace Pilgrim was extremely
                humble.  She felt blessed
                sleeping on the floor of a
                restroom at a gas station.
                Can you offer any insight
                into where her humbleness
                came from?


KATHY:    Peace Pilgrim could
                      not accept comforts
                      while so many others
                      in the world had none.

                      Her body became less
                      important to her than
                      her mission.

                      During her fifteen years
                      of preparation time, she
                      became the 'master' of
                      her temporary clay shell,
                      thus enabling her to fulfill
                      her mission.

ME:            Kathy, what is the
                       most challenging
                       part of your illness?

KATHY:     The hardest thing
                        will be to say goodbye
                        to my children.

ME:             What do you want
                          people to remember about
                          you and your walk on 
                          this earth?


KATHY:          It is not important whether
                           I am remembered or not.
                           What is important is we all
                           strive to live to our highest 
                           potential for the good of all.


ME:        Thank you Kathy!





              PEACE PILGRIM

            'overcome hatred with love'


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             "THE TOUCH OF YOUR HAND"
                Lyrics & music by Kathy Miller


The touch of your hand is all that I need
To reach out in love in the service of life
To speak only truth, to seek harmony
The touch of your hand is a blessing to me

We stood on the sand, our backs to the sea
The steep path ahead our only way home
I climbed up the rocks as the tide came our way
You stayed on the sand til I heard you say
Reach down, give me your hand
The touch of your hand is all that I need
To climb up this cliff and escape from the sea
The incoming tide terrifies me
The touch of your hand is all that I need
Just the touch of your hand is all that I need

We stood in the sun midst the wonders of life
we watched them unfold, a miracle to see
Then my eyes grew dim, the world faded away
Til you stood by my side and I heard you say

The touch of my hand is just what you need
To see this new world through the eyes of love
To speak only the truth, to seek harmony
The touch of my hand is just what you need

I watched your hands work with metal and wood
Repairing the homes of your family and friends
You also mend hearts and take away pain
With a humble request to be whole again

The touch of your hand is all that I need
To reach out in love to the service of life
To speak only truth, to seek harmony
The touch of your hand is a blessing to me
The touch of your hand is a blessing to me



Kathy Miller Honors Peace Pilgrim cd
                 available at:
         Friends of Peace Pilgrim
        203-926-1581 telephone



               "ON THE ROAD WITH JUDY!"















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