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                      The Bones of the Homeless
                                                           by Judy Jones


               Ode to Janis Joplin
                                       by Judy Jones


                     "KENJI WILLIAMS"

               OF ABA STRUCTURE!

                                  by Judy Jones



I had the great pleasure of hearing

composer Kenji Williams founder and

producer of ABA Structure for the first

time in Oakland, California at 'WORLDSPIRIT'

which Kenji put on with the great visionary

artist, Alex Grey.


                              "WORLDSPIRIT CONCERT"



         ALEX GREY                   PAINTING OF ALEX GREY


They were supported by a host of talented

performers, integrating storytelling, poetry,

music, ritual dance, light and video projection.



                                                              "Hand Balancer: Jade-Blue Eclipse"


Kenji Williams and Alex Greys combination of

extraordinarily unique talents made

this evening an experience I won't soon forget. 

Leaving the performance my mind was wide

open to all the unchanneled creative genius in each of us.


                   KENJI WILLIAMS & ALEX GREY

                          "WORLDSPIRIT CONCERT"



Weeks passed before I realized there just

wasn't a way to describe what I had seen

simply because I had never seen nor heard

anything like it before in my life!



                         "WORLDSPIRIT CONCERT"


                                 "Hand Balancer: Jade-Blue Eclipse"


Among 29 year old Kenji's accomplishments

are setting music to Alex Greys

'Sacred Mirror' paintings that will be

housed for public view in New York City.






Kenji is considered the 'next level'

of electronic music and performance

and ABA Structure is re-shaping the global

and electronic music scene.  ABA Structure

is the soundtrack of the journey of our evolution

and evolve you will while experiencing Mr. Williams

musical compositions!


                     KENJI WILLIAMS


                     OF ABA STRUCTURE


Kenjis original music compositions

are being enjoyed around the globe

as they help us become truly one

'Galatic Family!'



                                   KENJI WILLIAMS



His musical brilliance is lighting

our paths into the heavens beyond

as we make our earthly transitions

into our new interplanetarian homes

and I'm extremely excited to share

the following interview with the

very special readers of



So sit back, open your minds and hearts

and let one of the budding musical

geniuses of this generation enter in!


           "KENJI WILLIAMS"


              "AURA: Sayoko Yazawa (LalŽ)"











Kenji your music blew me away

when I heard you live for the first

time at the Worldspirit concert premier

in Oakland, California.  How did you

and Alex Grey, the painter hook up? 

You both seemed on the exact

same wave length!





I sent him a copy of my film

titled "Moment Utopia",

together with a film proposal for a

new film called "Plenum", about

free energy and spirituality.  The

Plenum film proposal envisioned

animating Alex's Art for illustrating

the connection of human energy

and free energy technology, and

expressed how I felt such a

profound connection to his work.


I pushed for his assistant to show

the film to him, and when I was

swinging through New York on my

way back from a gig in Morrocco, Alex

finally agreed to watch the film, and

upon seeing it, invited me to his studio.


                         art by Alex Grey


This was our first meeting and

I must say I was buzzing. When he

said he was coming to San Francisco

a few months later, I was

shocked to find out no one was

picking him up at the airport, and

that he was going to stay at a

regular motel!


It is without question to treat

a Great Person with Greatness,

and I picked him up, and arranged

good accomodation, and even

threw a sushi party for him.  Over

the next several years, we kept in

contact, and everytime he came

to San Francisco I did everything

I could to take care of him.


The third time he came back to San Francisco,

we were both invited to Adi Da's sanctuary

and I drove him up to the retreat center and

had a profund and memorable experience





Did 'WORLDSPIRIT' go like you

had planned?  Such positive vibes

flowed in, around & thru that concert.





The event was  4 months in the

making.  Considering we never did

one single run through with everyone

together, it came out extremely well.


There were some technical difficulties,

resulting in the delay of the show, but

apart from this, I was actually blown

away by what happened!




The evening was pure magic. 

Did you rehearse for a long time?





What we rehearsed was more

between me and Alex.  We spent

months working on the script, the

imagery, timing, and rehearsing over

the phone. 


It was quite a challenge, with me

living in Tokyo, Alex living in New York,

and Eric Kalabacos, the producer,

living in San Francisco.  It was a truly

global network that created WorldSpirit.






You seem so relaxed playing.

Do you improvise your musical

compositions?  And if so, do you

orchestrate them on paper or computer?



My violin is improvised...I of

course practice on my own,

but the actual melody and

notation in the moment is improvised.


The music behind the violin is mostly

pre-composed.  I leave some tracks

open for live playing on the keyboard

and changing frequency nobs to match

the energy of the moment and the

spoken word.  A lot of the effects

were live, in the sense I was dubbing

the effects in and out live. 


I am also adjusting the delays and

effects on my violin live as well,

creating custom rhythms, and dub

delays synced to the beat.


                                Photo from 'WorldSpirit' concert



I forgot my earplugs which I

usually need at most concerts.

Amazingly, I didn't need them

at yours anyway.  You do 'people

friendly music'...I felt the flow

of the love coming thru your sounds

to us, the audience.  Do you do this

on a conscious level?




Hmmmmm....I am super glad

this was felt, because this is simply

what music should be about.






Kenji, you are conducting a whole

symphony electronically!  Have you

ever conducted a large group of musicians?




Not really.  I have played in orchestras,

and performed solo concertos (solo violin

in front of a full orchestra), which in a

way is leading the orchestra, but I have

never been 'conductor'.  I have had

the experience directing projects and

films involving numerous people,

including WorldSpirit.






I heard 'classical' music in your

compositions.  Did you study to be a

classical musician as a child?




Yes, I was trained classically

since the age of 7.  I practiced classical

music for violin, and performed with

orchestras, and piano, until I left

for the University.




I know you've been asked

before, but for the readers of


learning about "Kenji" for the

first time, how old were you when

you started composing music?




I suppose the very first composition

I ever made, was a song I wrote when

I was 9 years old. I wrote it along with

with lyrics on my paino at home.


It was a song to President

Ronald Reagan envisioning a world

without nucleur bombs, and the fear of war. 


I got a response from the White House.

expressing appreciation for the composition

and talking about how the president was working

on world peace as well.  I didn't think

he was going about it the right way, but

I did appreciate the letter.



                           Image from WorldSpirit concert




Would you consider yourself

a child prodigy?




I certainly won a lot of

competitions, but I also saw

many violinist better than me.


I don't think I'm in the position

to call myself a prodigy, but

other people have certainly

called me that.




Who were your musical

mentors as a child?




My mother is Japanese,

and she was very strict.

She was my main motivator

in practicing 2 hours a day.


                           Kenji and his Mom


                     Photo from Kenji Williams Live Photo Gallery


It was hard, and I sacrificed a lot.

I am thankful now though.  But

I owe a lot to my mother, for really

supporting me in finding the right

private teacher all through my






You lived in Japan as

a child. How did that culture

influence your music style?

Do you have a favorite country,

city, etc.




The Asian vibration is coming

through my music.  I feel like a

lot of my self discipline and hard

work comes directly from my Japenese

roots, and the schooling I had in Japan.


I took Japanese calligraphy classes, while

living with my Grandmother and

picking tadpoles out of rice fields.  All

schools across Japan make it mandatory

for all the students to do an entire school

cleaning activity once a week.  That

means you and your classmates are

scrubbing the floors, together, once

a week.  Simple things like this affected

my group consciousness and feeling

of self responsibility.


Exotic places for travel, I love Morrocco,

and Bhutan.  For the most innovative

discussions, thinkers and cultural

creatives, I like America.  For the

culture that is changing the most, and

is actually living and functioning like

a future society on a mainstream level,

I would pick Japan.


                                      IMAGE FROM WORLDSPIRIT





Do you feel your music

is ahead of its time?




Thats what a lot of people say.




We always hear about tortured

musicians.  Are you?




I am tortured, but I am also immensley

blessed.   Also, I would not like to call

myself just a musician.  I am also a music

producer and film director.


Don't choose to be an artist unless you are

ready for at least 10 years (maybe your

whole life) of being broke, ignored, and

people taking advantage of you left

and right - even those claiming to be

'spiritual'.  Waves of immense stress

and depression are common, and truly test

your endurance.  But when you can turn

the corner and learn to surf it, there is

nothing that compares to doing

what you really love to do, and making

a living at it.



                                        PHOTO FROM WORLDSPIRIT



What is your creation 'ABA STRUCTURE'






My formal artist name now is

"Kenji Williams" and NOT "ABA Structure"

anymore.  I will be releasing all music

and press materials as "Kenji Williams".

However, I'd like to keep the mystique

of ABA Structure and think of it as my

'mothership', from which I was born.


ABA Structure is my personal BuddhaGod.

It implies a code word for evolution.  It is

the journey of your life, from A to B, and back

to A, but transcending to the next level.  Ie:

Re-incarnation = evolution.  A self reflective

tool that facilitates the expanding of one's

own consciousness of oneself.




What musicians/groups would you

love to do a furture concert with?




Bjork, U2, Peter Gabriel, Zakir Hussain,

Steve Roach, Speedy J, the Orb, Underworld,

Josh Wink, Madonna, His Holiness The Dali Lama, Ken Wilber

and many many more!




Do you ever see your music as falling

into one style, like 'Oh Kenji, he's a 'trance

musician' type thing?




Unfortunately, that's what the music biz

gravitates towards.  I suppose the trance

and progressive house worlds call me trance,

the ambient worlds call me ambient and IDM

and dub.  Its frustrating, because I want to

be known as someone who makes good music,

no matter the genre.  I would like to soon release

an all acoustic album.  Where would that fall?


I feel my recent work with Alex Grey and

upcoming collaborations with evolutionary

and integral theorist, Ken Wilber, could

establish as an intergral artist.


                                       photo from WorldSpirit



What is the next step in your career,

or do you just 'go with the flow' and

not push and plan?




I will always continue releasing music.

WorldSpirit was a huge challenge

for me, in breaking some new ground

in the world of live multimedia.


I intend to make films and movies

in the future.  I've already made several

movies and music vidos that are

available on my website.




Are other members of your

family into music?




My sister is one of my greatest

inspirations.  She started a

professional Japenese Taiko

drumming group in the UK eight

years ago, and has since taken

over the UK as top professional

Taiko group, touring and teaching

full time.


My mother and father played

violin and piano in their early

years and were big fans of all

music. My father worked for the

World Bank, and my mother

does many things from teaching

to Tai Chi.  They weren't musical





Is Kenji your real name?

I love performers with

one word names.  What does

it mean?




It's a Japenese name meaning

'Healthy Child' and can also mean

'Wise Child'..its my real name.






Your music flows from you

seemingly effortlessly?  Is it?




The creation is effortless.  It is what

I enjoy the most.  The production, engineering

and mixing is NOT effortless!  Sometimes its Hell!!




What are your thoughts about reincarnation?




Such a great question..because one of

the meanings of ABA Structure, is exactly





Do you believe we pick our parents,

and they us?




I had this discussion with my Mother

and was blown away at the end of

our conversation when she said,

"Thank you for choosing me as your mother."


I certainly don't remember choosing which

womb, but it was probably a combination

of both, and our collective Karma.




Did you pick the right ones

for your musical path in this life?




Yes, I owe so much to my parents

and their undying support of my

crazy life.




Are you politically involved? 




I would like people to put more

energy into social dynamics, changing

the vibration and frequency through

changing your inner self, becoming

the change you would like to see in others.




After being at your performance and soaking in

a great deal of love thru the music, art and

performers, I was more alive when I left,

than when I got there.  Is it just me or do

most of your concerts have this effect?




Wow, can I quote you?!  I do get a lot of

good feedback.  This reaction tells me more

about you, and your relationship to your heart

energy.  My music is VERY emotional, very

heart chakra oriented.....very deep.  This

sometimes has the opposite effect in

someone who is closed, or who is not

ready to be touched so deeply, because

of whatever wounds they may have.


One of my favorite classical composers

thought the same:

       'Debussy understood that a work of art

       or an effort to create beauty was always

      regarded by some people as a personal attack"

                          - Art of Noise




Do you feel you appeal to a certain

age group, or is what you create





I really hope to all age groups.  Both

the kiddy ravers, and the mom and pops.

So far, it seems to be working.




If you could change a part or

parts of your life up to now,

what would those changes be,

if any?








After you shed your

'temporary clay shell'

how would you like people

to finish the sentence,

'Kenji .................








Kenji, your career is straight up and I

look forward to attending many more

concerts you produce in the near future!


I'm so grateful you chose to

share some of   'KENJI!'

with the many fortunate visitors of






                                                            by Judy Jones





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                              "AURA: Sayoko Yazawa (LalŽ)"

                                                  WORLDSPIRIT CONCERT



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  The Bones of the Homeless
                                                           by Judy Jones


               Ode to Janis Joplin
                                       by Judy Jones









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