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                  "I AM" by Peace Pilgrim

                sung by Kathy Miller

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Judy Joy Jones Show Interview about Peace Pilgrim


Milwaukee, WI 1981

             This is the way of peace 

            overcome evil with good,

 falsehood with truth and hatred with love



Peace Pilgrim walked across this land carrying only

a toothbrush and a comb with the message:

"I shall remain a wanderer until mankind has

learned the way of peace, walking until I am given

shelter and fasting until I am given food."


And walk she did!  She made her first

"25,000 Miles on Foot for Peace"  without

a penny in her pocket and no organizational

affiliation.  She continued her pilgrimage on foot

 until making her transition.


"I'm just planting seeds and don't expect

to see results in my lifetime, but,"

she stated flatly,  "they will come." 

And are they ever!  A film has been made

about Peace as well as books written. 

Millions of lives continue to be touched

and transformed by this nondenominational saint.


On Sunday, April 17th, 2005,  a celebration

and dedication for the newly relocated Peace Pilgrim

archives and library was held at The Peace Dome by

Cheryl Canfield  in Copperopolis, California.

 who was one of the original writers of the

Peace Pilgrim book.  What a treat after carrying it 

 with  me for the past 12 years!



                               The Peace Dome


The celebration was in the spirit Peace Pilgrim

would have chosen!  Her life's work brought

strangers together in love, peace and harmony as

each of us spoke of what we individually were doing

in our lives to promote peace.


A friend of mine, Laura Nimr, graciously

offered me a ride to the event, and entertained us

with her original music in spanish and english.

She had the whole room dancing and singing!



        Painting of  Laura Nimr by Judy Jones   


                    Larua & her guitar                                           


  There was also a wonderful flute player at the

gathering and the Peace Dome must be seen to

 be appreciated!  Both Cheryl's parents were

there and I immediately understood why her

life is dedicated to service.


It was good to reconnect with friends that had been on

The Great Peace March with me, walking across the

United States.  I knew we truly were

becoming an   'Interplanetarian Family'. 

My spirit soared into a flame!



For information on The Peace Pilgrim Archives

 and Library and the Peace Dome please contact:


                           Cheryl Canfield


                        Box 423, Copperopolis, CA 95228









                                                     Photographs and Song from the

                                                      original Peace Pilgrim website


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